Monday, December 21, 2009

Mt. Fuji from the workplace

The view from my classroom is good on any given sunny day. But now that the cold weather is clearing the mist, it just keeps getting better and better.
This is the view from my classroom / office window this morning. Photos never do Fuji justice -- but it's really a beautiful sight!

What's that off to the right?

Yup, that's Fuji.

Still can't see it?

Not yet? Man, get some glasses!

And in super zoom...

Meanwhile, my students are oblivious as they practice speaking English...


Anonymous said...

I wanna go to Japan (actually Okinawa) in the summer vacation with my parents but the wish didn't come true=^=. I know there is a big 水族館 and beach there is beautiful. Form three class is coming and that means more exams coming and more stress coming... when...?
The forest next to Fuji is a hot spot for people who want to kill himself.I know that when I was 13. After that, Fuji seems not as good as I think in the past.
By the way, how to spell 水族館 in english? is the japanese form same as that in chinese?
(comment from north point, hong kong, 13yrs)

Mike said...

Wow, my first post from Hong Kong. Thanks! You know a lot about Japan. And yes, the characters for 水族館 is the same in Japanese -- "suizokan" -- in English it's "aquarium." Well, keep studying Japanese and English!!